How Often Should You Upgrade or Change Your Office Furniture?

How Often Should You Upgrade or Change Your Office Furniture? on

Your old furniture could be affecting your employees’ productivity, morale and health

Today’s savvy business owners are realizing the benefits of providing a work environment that’s not only technologically up-to-date, but also comfortable and attractive. A modern, well-thought out workspace can increase your employees’ productivity, keep morale high and show your customer that your business is well-established and committed to the future. So, the question is, how do you know when you need an update?

First impressions count

Look around and answer honestly: does your office appear outdated, cluttered and unwelcoming? Within 20 seconds of walking through your doors, your customer will form a lasting impression of your business, so make sure that it’s the impression you want to give. Let your customers know that you are committed to your company’s future and theirs by presenting an appearance that is a reflection of your corporate culture.

Brand building

Successful business owners recognize the importance of fostering a unified and positive reflection of their businesses’ fundamental values in all that they do. Yes, focusing on the quality of your product and service is of vital importance, however, cultivating your brand is an element you cannot afford to ignore.Does your workspace reflect your company culture, exude your branding and your image? If not, or if your branding has evolved over the years, it’s time to update and incorporate more of it into your environment. Beyond logos on the walls, think about how you can convey your culture through furnishings, architectural walls, décor, open spaces, even a café.

Tech-no or Tech-yes?

Is your office tech friendly? Businesses rely on technology to accomplish the numerous daily tasks that add up to an effectively operating company. Say YES to office furnishings that are fully integrated and technology-friendly. It can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity and appearance.

Space, the final frontier

Has your business grown and your employees multiplied since you founded your company? If so, chances are that valuable operating space has disappeared. Avoid a costly move by maximizing the potential of your existing office through the use of innovative, flexible work stations that can be customized and adapted to suit your businesses specific needs. A balance between open and private spaces is key to giving your workers the environment they need to be effective.


Is your office full of uncomfortable chairs, high cubicle walls and work stations that don’t work? Employee well-being is integral to your company’s success. Support their health and productivity by providing standing work stations, ergonomic chairs and optimal environments that facilitate a focus on their work instead of their sore back and low morale.

Beyond the obvious benefit of creating a more contemporary office environment, the benefits of ousting your old furnishings and bringing in new are numerous. When you’re ready to upgrade your office furniture, contact Compass Office Solutions. We’ll manage the entire process so you save money while building an effective workspace that fosters productivity.