How Your Break Room Can Give Your Office Environment a Competitive Advantage

How Your Break Room Can Give Your Office Environment a Competitive Advantage on

Break rooms CAN work! Boost productivity, creativity and innovation—right in your cafeteria!

Employee satisfaction, productivity and creativity drive the success of most businesses. One simple and cost effective way to maximize this competitive edge for your company is by providing employees with an attractive and comfortable break room.

A change of scenery and a rest

Studies have shown that focusing exclusively on one thing for an extended length of time is not a part of the human evolutionary skill set. In fact, it causes us to become fatigued and distracted. Experts agree that taking 15 minute breaks throughout the day allows our brains to perform better. When employees can leave their desks and walk down the hall to a different environment, they will benefit from the change of scenery and small break.

Boosting creativity

Some of the best solutions people come up with are realized when they are not thinking about the problem at all. In order to be creative, people need to feel relaxed and think freely. Those that take breaks throughout the day are more innovative. A work environment that provides both private work stations and a common area for breaks creates the ideal balance necessary for boosting creative thinking.

Encouraging social bonding

These days, much of our inter-office communication occurs digitally. While emails and texts are easier and faster, allowing employees the time and providing a place where they can interact face to face is key to encouraging conversations, collaboration, a creative flow of ideas and boosting morale.

Increasing productivity

While you may assume that taking breaks decreases productivity, the opposite is actually true. Providing your workers with a comfortable, amenity-rich break room allows them to take a quick break, grab a cup of coffee or snack and get back to their tasks feeling refreshed and energized.

Decreasing stress, increasing happiness

A break room in your office can provide a place where employees can take a moment or two to step back from their workload. Providing this venue for decreasing stress, encouraging connection and collaboration between employees, lets them know that you care about their well-being and contributes positively to your corporate culture. And, the better your company culture is, the more likely it is that your employees will be happy and engaged, stay for the long term and refer other, likeminded professionals to work for you.

A cost effective advantage

Compared to the costs of other perks, such as tuition reimbursement plans or elaborate holiday bashes, a well-appointed work space and break area can cost you substantially less and has fewer administrative complexities.

If you are looking to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage in your industry, it’s time to reevaluate how your workstations work. Compass Office Solutions can coordinate the entire process of outfitting your work environment with furniture that actually works for you. Contact us today for details.