Improve Business Performance by Improving Your Work Environment

Improve Business Performance by Improving Your Work Environment on

It’s time to revamp your “business as usual”

Whether it’s networking and communication devices or software and cloud capabilities that make their jobs easier, faster and more efficient—nearly every company in America, if not the world, strives to be on top of the latest advances. But what many companies forget or seem to neglect is the “human” side of their workspace. When you think about it, it’s really the people that make everything happen. But people are affected by the environment in which they exist and productivity can suffer in a poorly designed workspace. So what improvements can you make for big productivity gains?

A balance between open and private spaces

Over the last few years many companies have begun incorporating open spaces within their workplace to encourage collaboration. Setting the stage with an open area complete with comfortable and modern furnishings is meant to bring workers together where they can communicate freely and even socialize. Consider creating several nook areas within common spaces where those who may need to huddle for a moment can do so without distracting others.

And while open spaces may bring people together, there’s also the need for private spots, whether individual offices or cubicles, where workers can feel that they have their own personal space to concentrate, have conversations or simply take time to focus on their own. Using architectural walls, today’s most progressive companies are creating the perfect balance of open and private spaces, improving productivity and increasing motivation among the team.

Keep it light

Natural light and indirect light that’s soothing and calming have proven time and time again to increase productivity, energy and creativity. If your office doesn’t have a lot of sources where natural light can shine in, consider LED technology that illuminates without harshness—it’s also more energy efficient and lasts longer than regular lighting.

Think ergonomically

Everyone’s heard the term and most of us know that ergonomic furnishings and accessories are designed to help reduce the risk of injury from stress and strain on the body. And while a few decades ago most offices didn’t even give ergonomics a second thought, the most successful companies are integrating ergonomics into their office design and operations.

Ergonomic solutions can improve productivity because they simply provide a more comfortable work environment and decrease sore backs, fatigued muscles and the risk of other health problems. From seating options to useful and functional accessories, there are a variety of ways to implement ergonomics into your workplace.

Color them happy

If you’ve ever worked in an office where you felt surround by those sterile grey, beige or white walls, you know just how much of an affect color can have on your mood and your productivity level. Many studies have been conducted over the years to discover if colors really affect people’s ability to focus, be creative and even how they feel.

The results continually show that certain colors do have the power to inspire—whether positively, as in the happiness factor associated with yellow hues, or negatively, as in how reds can make people feel aggressive. With that in mind, it’s an easy fix to transform your workspace by using colors that inspire and motivate.

  • Greens and blues: calming, relaxed
  • Yellows and oranges: energy and enthusiasm
  • Red: Excitement, anger, hostility
  • Neutrals: sadness, emptiness, decreased energy

Add a touch of nature

Spending numerous hours a day inside can have negative effects on the body and the mind. If your office space lacks stunning vistas, you can still provide your employees with an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors like fresh air, sunshine and natural scenery. All you have to do is bring some of the outdoors in. Whether you add plants and greenery in common areas, tranquil Feng Shui fountains or desk plants, bringing elements of nature into the workplace can create a more relaxed ambiance and relieve stress.

A well-designed workspace can not only make your employees more comfortable and happier, it can help them work more efficiently, collaborate better and be more productive. Creating an office that takes into account all of these elements can ultimately transform your company from an average performing organization to a high performing one. When you’re ready to get started, get in contact with us, we handle all the aspects for you from start to finish so you can focus on running your business.