Corporate Space = Corporate Culture

Corporate Space = Corporate Culture on

Does your corporate space support your corporate culture? Before you answer, here’s some food for thought.

Corporate culture is a hot topic in today’s business arena. Many companies work hard to perfect their company culture to attract and retain employees and jobseekers who often choose one company over another based on how well their culture fits with their personalities. But while special perks, casual Fridays and other similar aspects of a company’s culture are attractive, it’s those companies that recognize the need to support their efforts when designing their workspaces that are ultimately more successful. That being said, the question is how can you ensure that your workspace environment supports your company culture? Here are key things to consider:

Chaotic and creative or quiet and corporate

What’s the personality of your company? Is it very corporate and formal or more relaxed and casual? Perhaps something in between? Whatever the environment is, take a look around at your office space and think about the ways it supports your corporate culture. In very formal work environments, it’s not uncommon for companies to have cubicles and private offices, conference rooms and a lobby to greet clients. On the other hand, if your business is more casual and chaotic, you may have an open office plan where employees work in a common area without walls. While there’s no right or wrong way to design your office space, if it’s important to you to nurture your company culture, it’s a good idea to evaluate your space and see what areas need changes.

Who are your employees

Embracing your corporate culture and carrying that image throughout your office environment is important no matter what business you’re in and who your employees are. Before you begin to make changes or implement new design aspects, think about what your team values, how they work together and what would be desirable to them to make your office environment more comfortable. Is your team made up of millennials or young professionals who are innovative and tech savvy? Or are they seasoned professionals with a more traditional business approach?

Whoever they are, and whatever your culture, you can make your work space more in tune with their comforts and work styles.

Some simple ways you can do this include:

  • Café: Providing a comfortable, relaxing café where employees can take breaks, socialize and get refreshments is a way to support a collaborative culture.
  • Open spaces: To support an innovative, progressive culture, consider creating open spaces that are attractive and have comfortable seating. On the other hand, if you have a lack of private spaces for your more traditional bunch, consider adding architectural walls.
  • Multi-purpose spaces: Even if your organization is more traditional, you can refresh your space with newer, more modern conference rooms, huddle rooms or multi-purpose areas. For example, transform a large room with more comfortable furnishings, better lighting and a bit of color to foster better communication and brainstorming.
  • Architectural walls: A cost-effective way to create private areas while supporting or enhancing your company culture, architectural walls come in many designs and styles and allow you to reconfigure as your company evolves. They’re an ascetically pleasing alternative to the traditional office walls.
  • Furnishings: Assess your office furniture to determine if it matches your company culture. If your company is an innovator, outdated chairs and desks likely aren’t cutting it. Think ergonomics, comfortable lobby seating and modern desks, benching, and LED lighting. Remember that even your public spaces should support who you are especially if you have clients and vendors coming in.

When it comes to your workspace, it’s important that it tells your company story. Through design, furnishings, lighting, your culture should be evident the moment anyone walks through the door. Supporting your company culture throughout your office environment ensures that it thrives and is something that everyone who works there believes in, which improves productivity, boosts morale and increases efficiency.

For more ideas or for professional guidance on how you can revamp or redesign your workspace to better support your company culture, get in touch with us.