Big Ideas for Small Company Spaces

Big Ideas for Small Company Spaces on

Calling all space challenged businesses — this is for you!

Let’s face facts, not all businesses can afford 3 million square feet in the heart of NYC like Google can. On the contrary, many very successful businesses manage with less than 1000 square feet. If your company falls into the “small space” category, you know it can be challenging, especially as your company begins to grow. But just because your work space is tight doesn’t mean it cannot be a comfortable and productive environment. All it takes is knowing how to maximize the space you do have and some good organizational skills. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your small office space:

Break down those walls

More and more companies are implementing open plans in their office spaces. While there are numerous benefits to an open plan, including increased collaboration and innovation, it also increases the overall working space. Take a look around your office and imagine how much more spacious it would be without all those walls. Breaking down physical barriers like walls not only increases the space you have, it gives employees the ability to interact with each other and move around more freely.

Incorporate space-saving solutions

Even with an open-plan, you can provide each member of your team a space of their own with the newest furniture systems. There are numerous options and configurations available that allow you to design work spaces with the desired amount of privacy from low panels that separate desks to higher ones for increased privacy. You can arrange the workstations in a variety of ways to maximize space including an assembly line arrangement that has each desk side-by-side or group them in twos or fours, or even in a semi-circle so all team members can see each other. The semi-circle creates a big space in the middle which makes the office appear larger.

Make a “think tank”

If you decide on an open plan, you can create an area or a room that’s deemed “the think tank” or whatever name that suits your business. This offers your workers a place to go when they need a totally quiet, distraction-free space to tackle a task that’s more arduous. Google (and other top companies) has several of these types of rooms in their offices around the world. And even in a small office, you can use architectural walls to create the space relatively easily without taking up too much room.

Let them stand

Another idea which is getting more attention lately is the standing desk. Standing desks not only take up less space than traditional ones, they also provide a myriad of health benefits including the advantages of not sitting for hours on end.

Go light or white

We all know that white or light colors make things look bigger, so why not use this to your advantage in your small office? That’s not to say that you have to go all white (it can be very sterile), but painting the walls a light color will make the space look and feel bigger.

Store things creatively

If you can get rid of those clunky old file cabinets, you’ll not only clear out some much needed space, but you’ll be modernizing your work environment for the better. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to give up keeping important documents or files (unless you are able to go completely paperless). One option is to use functional storage. Contemporary cabinets that can double as part of the workspace are a design element and offer storage capabilities. Shelving that attaches to the walls is also a great space saver and because they come in all sizes and styles, it’s easy to keep those things that are necessary without cluttering up your work space.

If your business is short on space, these tips will help you maximize the room you do have and create a workplace that your team will be comfortable with. For more great ideas on how to make your office environment better and your team more productive, give us a call. We know how to reinvent, revamp and recreate space that will not only gives you more room, but also helps your employees perform better.