3 Ergonomic Improvements for a More Comfortable Workplace

3 Ergonomic Improvements for a More Comfortable Workplace on compass-office.com

When you feel well, you work well!

A lot of companies attempt to build their offices with their workers’ best interests in mind. They keep a full stock of snacks, let their team members hit the gym at lunch or take other regenerative breaks, and conduct weekly pump-up team meetings to encourage everyone to continue their hard work.

But there is one thing a lot of employers accidentally neglect: comfort

Now, don’t get us wrong. Employers don’t want their workers feeling too comfortable. No one wants to waste profitability on a daily afternoon siesta. But good ergonomics are crucial to keep your workers productive and feeling their best as they spend time in the office. Here are some improvements that will make your workplace a more comfortable and physically enjoyable place to be:

1. Monitor arms

We’ve all been there. You got the job. You’re so excited! You strut into your new office, get assigned a desk, and take a seat. And then you notice that your monitor is all wrong. It’s the wrong height, the wrong distance from you, and it’s uncomfortable to look at. You’re straining your neck to see the screen as you perform your work. And neck strain, especially over the course of a day, is worse than you think.

For example, according to Harvard Health Publications, “Researchers determined that holding a tablet computer too low in your lap can force these vertebrae and the muscles in your neck to bend forward too much, causing strain and even injuries to muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and spinal discs.” And the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons advises placing a monitor “With the top of the viewing screen at eye level so you can see it clearly without looking up” to avoid “eye strain, neck pain and shoulder fatigue.”

A simple solution is a sturdy monitor arm which allows you to move your monitor or tablet where it needs to be. It’s a great way to prevent strain and relieve any pain associated with using a low, high, or oddly-angled screen.

2. Laptop tray and tablet holder

Similarly, laptops and tablets can be tricky in the workplace because they require users to stretch and strain their neck and back in uncomfortable ways for numerous hours. That’s where a laptop tray or tablet holder comes in, propping up the device to a convenient height. You’ll reduce strain and make the workday a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

Additionally, a tablet holder can be a useful tool during meetings and presentations, allowing the user to easily access the tablet while focusing on printed materials.

3. Keyboard support

Carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other wrist and hand issues are common among the population, and can be especially problematic among computer users. Ergonomic keyboard support can be a useful tool to combat these conditions, as it develops proper and safe typing habits while using a computer.

A well-designed keyboard system brings your work closer to you to promote a healthy posture. When used properly, trays will help encourage neutral postures of the shoulders, arms, and wrists. These ergonomic wonders can be quite the life-saver, if you ask us.

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