Why Companies Fail at Aligning Their Business and Workplace Strategies

Why Companies Fail at Aligning Their Business and Workplace Strategies on compass-office.com

Learn about common mistakes and how you can avoid them

When a company is in the middle of creating a new plan or initiative, it often devises completely different strategies to address different areas. In many cases, teams are assembled to work on these strategies and they may never collaborate. This can be a big mistake, as all parts of an organization are tied together, and one thing usually affects everything else. It’s crucial that the business and all workplace strategies are united in a common goal. But frequently, that’s much easier said than done.

Alignment challenges

When it comes to aligning your business strategy with your workplace strategy, it’s possible that there are factors working against one another, including a lack of integration or competing agendas. On the business side, you often face constraints in both time and budget. And you may be under pressure to hit productivity goals and return as much value to your company as possible.

In the workplace aspect, you may be overwhelmed with information about creating the ideal office space. With conflicting data and research, it can be very difficult figuring out what to believe (for example, open office design or individual spaces?). And because things are always changing, moving forward becomes an even bigger obstacle.

Long- and short-term shifts

It used to be that a business strategy focused on the long-term and created a plan that would be implemented over the course of about a decade. That’s no longer the case. The planning and execution cycle is now much closer to three years. This means that every initiative, including your office design, gets sped up and it becomes even harder to align a business strategy with a workplace strategy.

Flawed approaches

Many companies choose to outsource this problem of alignment, deciding to leave it in the hands of someone else. This can end up being a major error. You are the one that has to live with the decision. If the solution doesn’t work, you’ve wasted time and potentially a lot of money. A cookie cutter approach is never a good idea either, especially when it comes to design. What worked for one organization might not – and probably will not – work for you.

How to take the uncertainty out of the equation

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