Want to Boost Productivity and Comfort in the Office?

Want to Boost Productivity and Comfort in the Office? on compass-office.com

Office or living room? Allsteel lets you decide.

Think about incorporating elements from home

If you own and operate a business, chances are you rely on a team of employees to keep things running smoothly, and without them and their contributions, you probably wouldn’t be in business for much longer. This is why it’s up to you to make sure they’re happy so they’ll want to stick around and give you 100 percent.

Perhaps you offer perks, bonuses, or other incentives to keep your workers content. And while these may be effective, you might be missing something else you can do: change up your office décor. Whether your workplace still uses the traditional cubicles or you’ve moved to an open layout, it doesn’t matter. What workers want these days – especially millennials – is less of an office and more of a place that feels like home.

This doesn’t mean you have to send everybody home and conduct all your meetings through Skype. With some clever adjustments, you can make your office a lot homier, which will do wonders for both comfort and productivity. You can start by focusing on these three F’s:


Does your office give off a friendly vibe? If it’s like most places of business, the answer is probably no. To address this, start with the walls. If your workspace has plain white walls, consider painting them a bright color. Get rid of those “motivational” posters and exchange them for artwork or framed photographs.

In addition, figure out ways to bring in more natural light and add some indoor plants. Think about the most welcoming living room you’ve ever been in and try to replicate some of those elements in your office.


The traditional desk isn’t going anywhere and will still be around for years to come. However, because many people now don’t want to sit at a desk all day – or at all – workplaces need to accommodate them. This is why you should add some couches or other comfortable pieces of furniture and scatter them throughout the office. Encourage people to work wherever and however they are most comfortable and you’ll be amazed at much more they get done.


Unless your business involves testing toys or researching the effects of petting on puppies, it’s probably not terribly fun or exciting. But that doesn’t mean that has to be reflected in your office. If your break room is lacking, jazz it up with some new seating or tables.

If you have the space, create a game room where people can hang out and let off a little steam. Bring in a ping-pong or foosball table and – just like people might do at home – have a weekly tournament or keep a leader board. Whether watching or playing, co-workers will have fun hanging out with each other and the crucial elements of both trust and teamwork get a boost.

The fact is that happy employees are more productive employees, and yours can be both when you create a warmer office environment that reminds them of home. If you need some additional ideas or want to get started on your office’s transformation, get in touch with us today. Thanks to Compass Office Solutions, keeping the office up to date is easier than ever before. We are your one-stop shop for effective, comfortable office design, providing technical design, workplace advisory, project management, installation, reconfiguration, and prefabricated construction solutions for businesses.