How to Optimize Your Office to Collaborate with Remote Employees

How to Optimize Your Office to Collaborate with Remote Employees on

Don’t neglect your off-site team! Get them involved.

Thanks to the trends in today’s workplace, it’s safe to say that you’re more likely to have remote workers now than ever before — and if you don’t now, you might sometime in the near future. Off-site team members can be very different depending on the company you’re working for — some could be part of a fully-remote office, or an organization may have just a few employees who telecommute. And depending on the extent of the flexibility, your business may have different demands for what works (and what doesn’t).

With that in mind, it’s more important now than ever before to optimize your office design to better collaborate with your far-flung employees. Here are some ways you can improve communication:

1. Create seamless communication with the right apps

There are so many ways to touch base with colleagues today that it almost feels like all modern offices are remote offices, to some extent. Employees at many companies choose to stay in contact with each other through instant messaging platforms, such as HipChat or Slack, even when sitting within the same building. This makes instant communication with coworkers so normal that the physical distance of a remote employee who works in another city may barely register. A good plan is to maximize the resources of this nature that work – without distracting – and make sure online connection to these vehicles is easy and seamless across different computing platforms, including and especially the wide range of mobile devices.

2. Get the updated technology you need

If you’re allowing or encouraging telecommuting, you’ll need to keep your technology up to date. Although video calls can eat away a lot of productivity when used too frequently, they’re still an important component to ensure your workers are collaborating and understanding one another well. Having a hard time outlining an idea via basic chat? Hop on a video chat, look at one another face-to-face, and get that much-needed hard work done.

It’s also a great medium when it comes to those Monday morning meetings, so the entire team can be present for the discussion without the need for a recap. Invest in a large monitor or TV screen for more successful video calls. And with that purchase, you’ll need to install conferencing software, such as GoToMeeting.

Set up a conference area in your collaborative rooms so your employees can connect easily. Start with a large TV stand, like View, to showcase the screen, allowing team members to clearly see the person with whom they are communicating. Choosing functionality and beauty is easy thanks to the Gather Collection, which transforms almost any space into a wonderful meeting area.

3. Find the right file sharing tool for your team

When you have team members working outside of your office environment, you need a file sharing system that works. That could be Dropbox, Google Drive, or other related tools, allowing your team to pass information on projects easily and effectively, in real time.

4. Cybersecurity

With your workers sending so much confidential company information over the internet, we highly recommend investing in robust cybersecurity measures. They’ll give both you and your employees the confidence to communicate online, sharing important and sensitive details. Using a tool such as Virtru, which simply connects to email accounts to encrypt files and messages, can bring much needed peace of mind.

Designing your office is easier than ever before.

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