How Office Design Can Increase Collaboration, Teamwork, and Cohesion

How Office Design Can Increase Collaboration, Teamwork, and Cohesion on

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If it feels as though society as a whole is becoming more individualistic, you’re not wrong. These days, everyone seems to go to painstaking efforts to stand out and be unique. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it can have a mixed impact in the workplace.

A company flourishes when everyone is on the same page and is able to work well with one another. Teamwork is a crucial element to success, but how can a workplace foster it in today’s individualistic environment? This is where the right office design can help. And these are the two areas to focus on:


If teamwork is your goal, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the office layout. If you’re using cubicles, you might think about lowering panel heights to create an open plan. While this is a great option in many cases, it’s not absolutely necessary. Going this route might end up being detrimental in some workplaces, especially if employees are used to having their own private spaces – and there’s a good chance that they’ll bristle at forced collaboration.

What you can also do is create a communal area that will serve as more of a casual, group workspace. If you make it clear that folks don’t have to stay at their desks – even if you don’t specifically point them in the direction of this new area – they will find their way there.

And don’t think you need to stop with the main part of the office. Don’t forget that during the course of the day, people meet and talk in many different places. If you put comfortable, functional seating in hallways or in various corners, it will be used. The point is not to force employees to work together, but to craft ways to make it happen more naturally.


A trend that’s starting to be seen in many offices involves the use of residential design elements. It can be hard to truly relax in a traditional, stuffy office, but it’s much easier when there’s more of a feeling of home. Bringing in comfortable chairs and couches is a great way to create the less sterile and stressful setting that today’s workers crave.

You may also want to consider a big table, but not one that’s locked away in a room and meant for meetings. Plant it in a central location and encourage people to use it when working on projects. Make it feel more like a dining room table and less like a conference table.

And when thinking about teamwork, don’t forget about the break room. The days of bosses breathing down the necks of their employees and making them scarf down their lunches in order to get back to their desks are over (or they at least should be). The break room is an excellent place to share information and ideas as well as relax, and it shouldn’t just be seen as an area designed to get away from the job.

With the right design, you can create a team that gels and propels your business to new heights. For more insight and guidance, contact Compass Office Solutions at 954.430.4590 or via our online contact form. Our goal is to conveniently design and deliver customizable workspaces that will make your employees happy – and lead to a more collaborative and productive environment.