An Open Office Doesn’t Have to Mean a Loss of Privacy

An Open Office Doesn’t Have to Mean a Loss of Privacy on

An Allsteel open office is excellent for collaboration and doesn’t have to be a privacy deterrent.

Make your employees happy with these three tips

Is there such a thing as the perfect office layout? This is a question people have been pondering in the workplace for generations. Companies probably thought they had the answer when cubicles came along. Now everyone could work in their own space without taking up as much square footage or getting sidetracked by distractions.

But cubicles aren’t always great for aesthetics, collaboration, and maybe even productivity, so the open office trend was born. Walls were knocked down and many layouts now allow colleagues to work more closely together, which is great for spurring creativity and teamwork.

But hold on a second. What about privacy? Cubicles aren’t perfect in every case, but they do allow employees to be somewhat secluded and focused, when needed. Doesn’t an open layout completely remove any form of privacy? Well, it doesn’t have to if you utilize these tactics:

Create new spaces

For brainstorming, sharing news, or just talking, open plans are great. But not every facet of business has to happen in that area. In fact, doing so may be detrimental at times. This is why separate spaces should be set up around an office.

You don’t have to start reassembling cubicles, but perhaps you have some unused private offices that could be designated as places people can go when they want to work on something quietly or have a private conversation. And workers who aren’t extroverts will certainly appreciate the opportunity to focus on projects, make a personal call, or simply be alone for a while.

Augment the open plan

An open office doesn’t have to be completely open to be effective. There are some additions that can be made that will still encourage collaboration, but at the same time offer more privacy. Decorative screens, storage items, or even decorative items like fish tanks or plants will help break up the space a little bit and also add some interesting visual elements to the office.

Another idea is to use glass partitions. While they don’t provide visual privacy per se, they offer some privacy and can control sound from carrying – a big concern for individuals who may not be completely on board with the open layout idea.

Encourage personalization

Employees want to be seen as individuals and not just worker bees. When you let them bring in some of their own items to outfit their workspaces, not only will this let their personalities shine, it also gives them a chance to create a little privacy. They may accomplish this with picture frames, desk plants, or other creative ideas. Don’t think they’re hiding; they just want a bit more seclusion. You can also provide desks with discrete partitions, monitor arms, and those strategically-placed storage items to enhance a sense of personal space.

Making everyone happy in the office can be a challenge, but these tips will allow you to strike the balance between a beautiful, collaborative design while thinking of your employees and their need for both individuality and privacy.

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