Is Your Office Design Allowing the Personalities of Your Employees to Shine?

Is Your Office Design Allowing the Personalities of Your Employees to Shine? on

A new break room café from Allsteel may work wonders for your business.

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Every company is made up of a lot of different components, but at its heart are the people. Maybe one day robots will take over the workplace, but for the foreseeable future, humans will still play the starring role. Each employee has his or her own unique qualities, and many want to express them in the office. And when a company enables its most important assets to be themselves, this creates a better work environment, which helps business in a practical sense.

This is one of the ways in which the right office design is vital. If you truly want your employees to feel as though they are more than just cogs in a machine, it’s up to you to make it happen. Focus on these three areas:

Personalized spaces

Even if everyone in your office is using the exact same type of desk or cubicle, they can still make it their own. The desire for personalization in the workplace is an emerging trend. When you allow people to bring in items like photos, knickknacks, decorations, or anything else they want (within reason), you are doing two things. First, you are letting them express themselves and exhibit a bit of who they are. Second, you are making them happier and more comfortable, which can be a huge win for productivity.

Different seating arrangements

Some folks are very content to sit at a desk all day. Others, not so much. Chances are, you have some employees who would prefer to work almost anywhere but their desk. Let them. Create a variety of places where they can set up shop, such as a couch or table. They will love the flexibility and you’ll love how much more they’ll get done. And don’t forget about people who may work better with a little more seclusion, so make sure to have some private spaces available as well.

A better area for downtime

Want to really let the personalities in your office come out? You need to work on a space that, on the surface, may appear to have little to do with your bottom line: the break room. While your current break room may be perfectly functional, it’s possibly a little drab or boring, which could be hurting your business.

In many cases, teamwork and collaboration grow not over spreadsheets, but ham and cheese sandwiches. When employees take a break or eat lunch together, they let their guards down a little. They chat and get to know each other, which in turn creates better team cohesion. And it likely won’t happen if a break room contains little more than a few tables and chairs and a coffeemaker that’s seen better days. Upgrading the furniture and perhaps including some fun and colorful décor, or even some games, can spur the collaboration you’re after.

These days, it’s usually not good enough for a company just to offer a solid 401(k) plan to attract and retain the best talent. This is why businesses are starting to put a greater focus on their office design. If yours could use an update or a complete redesign, reach out to Compass Office Solutions. Let us know what you’re hoping to accomplish and we’ll work with you to create an effective plan. From concept to ordering and delivery, we’ve innovated the workplace design industry by moving every stage of the process online.

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