Want to Improve Your Business? Start by Working on Your Office Environment

Want to Improve Your Business? Start by Working on Your Office Environment on compass-office.com

Allsteel gives employees a variety of options when it comes to their workstations.

A smart set up has benefits beyond just looking great

If you’re trying to make your business run better and be more profitable, there are many things you can do. You could look for new marketing opportunities. You could revamp your website. You could be more active on social media. And while those are great initiatives, they are all externally focused and aimed at customers.

Another essential step involves thinking about interior improvements you can make to your company. It may not be the first thing you think of, but the work environment plays a major role in the success of your business. These are the areas you should address:


If your employees come in each morning, immediately hunker down in their own spaces, and barely lift their heads the whole day, that could be a problem. They may be engaged with their work, but if they’re not engaged with their co-workers, it’s a detriment to your business.

Communication suffers. Reports, presentations, campaigns, and many other projects inevitably involve multiple people working in concert. To create quality work, individuals need to collaborate. And even if they’re not directly collaborating with one another on a specific task, teamwork and office cohesion are essential to great business culture. This is why many businesses are now going with open layouts, which remove barriers and enable employees to interact.


If you want to get the most out of your employees, you should be flexible with workstations. There will always be people who are most productive sitting at a desk, but not everyone is like that – some folks work better when they’re more relaxed and prefer a sofa or soft chair. Others may like to spread out their work on a large table. The point is that you need to recognize that everyone is different and set up areas designed for all types of workers. Not only will productivity go up, but so will contentment among your staff.


Another effective way to increase productivity is to treat people like individuals through office design. The exact same desk/chair/cubicle for everyone may have worked back in the Mad Men era, but today’s workers want options. With adjustable workstations, employees will be able to set their space up in whatever way best works for them. They will also have the option of varying positions while they work, which is excellent for health and wellbeing.

You should also encourage employees to outfit their workstations however they like, within reason. Let them bring in things that make them feel comfortable and might show off what makes them unique – and give them the storage or table space to do it.

The bottom line is that an employee who is given the tools and options to be effective is a much more engaged and productive employee. And when your team is made up of people who enjoy walking in the door each day, they will work hard to make your company a success.

If it’s time to retool your office setup, Compass Office Solutions can help. Utilizing our innovative furniture and design services, we’ll work with you to create an environment that will raise productivity as well as employee morale, leading to bigger and better things for your business. Contact us to start the process.