The Right Office Furniture Can Boost Health and Productivity

The Right Office Furniture Can Boost Health and Productivity on

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Make everyone healthier (and happier) by addressing these three areas

In the not-so-distant past, many employers didn’t give a ton of thought to some of the issues that contribute to the wellbeing of their employees. Their biggest concern was that they showed up on time and got their work done. But in recent years, there has been a shift – now businesses know they need to do things differently in order to attract top-level talent, as well as find ways to keep folks happy so they’ll stay engaged.

One of the best ways to boost employee satisfaction is by focusing on their health. Not only will healthy workers miss fewer days on the job and lower healthcare costs, they’ll also feel good knowing that their employers care about them. And the plus-side for businesses is that healthier and happier employees are also more productive. A 2014 Health and Productivity Survey of 900 organizations conducted by the global advisory company Willis found that 61% of companies considered “health habits as the primary challenge in controlling health care costs” and “93% believe that healthier employees are more productive.”

The good news is that you can address both health and productivity with your office furniture. Bringing in the right pieces and using them wisely can make a huge difference. Here are three areas to concentrate on:


Anyone who has ever sat for a long period of time in an uncomfortable chair knows the number it does on the body. Bad furniture can literally be a pain in the neck, not to mention back, arms, and legs. Because your employees are probably spending a good portion of the day sitting, ergonomic furniture may be one of the best investments you can make. Comfortable employees will be able to work for longer stretches, which means that they’ll get more done. And providing ergonomic accessories such as monitor arms or keyboard supports will further augment their efforts.

Different seating options

While most people still prefer to sit while they work, that’s not true for everybody. Standing desks are starting to become more prevalent in offices, and they have numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that standing can cut calories, lower the risk of heart disease, and improve energy levels. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to exchange all of your desks for standing models, but you can give your employees adjustable options.

You should also offer people the opportunity to work away from their desks. Setting up different workspaces around the office – even in the break room – will allow your employees to work where they’re most relaxed, which will spur them to be their most productive selves.


Color plays a big role in wellbeing and productivity. You may have painted your office walls a bright or bold color, but if you’re still using the same boring furniture, you’re losing half the battle. These days you can find furniture in a variety of colors that will add interesting visual elements to the office and make it more appealing to the folks who work there.

Your employees are your most important assets, and you’ll need to give them the tools they need to stay healthy, productive, and engaged – and to stick around. Bringing in the right office furniture is an excellent step toward accomplishing these goals.

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