Prefabricated Interior Construction Solutions: A Better Way to Build an Office

Prefabricated Interior Construction Solutions: A Better Way to Build an Office on

A conference room created with prefabricated components from DIRTT.

How to efficiently add new walls, floors, and ceilings in your workspace

Smart business owners know that every element of their organization is important and each has an impact on everything else. One area that is getting more recognition these days as a vital cog is the work environment itself, and companies are looking for ways to get more out of theirs – efficiently.

But when it comes to improving the workplace, it can be easy to limit yourself to a narrow focus. If this is something you’ve thought about, most likely you’ve considered bringing in new furniture or altering the layout. Both tactics could help, but there are more fundamental elements that may be just as important, such as actually adding or changing walls, ceilings, and flooring.

While these may sound like major renovations that will bring your business to a halt, they can be more quickly and efficiently addressed with prefabricated interior construction solutions.

Quality renovations – without the traditional renovation hassle

Prefabricated interior solutions have been more commonly known as modular construction. And while modular components were once viewed as cheap alternatives to custom renovations, they have come a long way from this outdated stereotype.

The latest generation of prefabricated solutions boasts quality that is essentially indistinguishable from and often better than traditional construction. Their fit and finish is outstanding and they come embedded with all of the components to meet a range of modern technological requirements, enabling you to more quickly adapt to the needs of your office without sacrificing looks, functionality, quality, or budget.

But their true value lies in the efficiencies they create – prefabricated solutions make design and installation easier. Each component is highly customizable and manufactured to exact specifications (within 1/8”) and arrives tested, pre-finished, and ready to be put in place. This unique utility means that installation is completed in a fraction of the time seen with traditional construction methods.

Fewer subcontractors and inspections mean far less delay

In a custom construction project, a host of inspectors and subcontractors from different trades must successively take part in the build, one after the other. A stud contractor will erect the frame; electricians will insert the wiring and electrical outlets; a drywall contractor will create the surface of the wall; and painters will complete the color and finish. And at interim steps along the way, construction will stop until inspectors can verify that the project is up to code and standards.

Prefabricated solutions eliminate the need for these different subcontractors and inspections, streamlining an antiquated and cumbersome process into a modern, parallel one. A wall can be ordered and built to the exact specifications necessary and erected by a single contractor. And because each piece comes completely prewired and finished – and provides easy access to the internal components of the wall, ceiling, or floor – inspections can be reduced to a single date.

A contractor will simply erect a wall and call for a final inspection. Everyone from the life safety inspector to the electrical inspectors can be scheduled to do their job at essentially the same time.

Less downtime, better quality, and cost neutral

When installed correctly, prefabricated solutions result in a much faster construction process that costs about the same as custom construction, with higher quality. The costs are certain – typical overruns or construction delays are reduced or eliminated, allowing you to plug more of your money into quality pieces. There is also less downtime for your business, minimizing disruption and allowing you to utilize the new space in a shorter timeframe.

Looking to build a meeting room? You can erect these walls, which are already embedded with the audio-visual hook-ups required, without the delay of traditional construction. Just moved into a new office that’s essentially one big room? You can have interior offices up and ready to use faster by choosing prefabricated solutions that are pre-wired for the technology that’s needed to get the job done.

Another advantage of using prefabricated pieces is that they can change as your business changes. Because the components are more easily reconfigured than custom construction, they can serve your design needs well into the future, saving you expense in the long run. In addition, they make maintenance simple by providing easy access to the wall cavity. In contrast to cutting through drywall, prefabricated solutions allow you to simply remove a tile for quick inspections or to make wiring or other technological updates.

Are you ready for a better way to renovate your office?

To get more information about how your business can benefit from prefabricated solutions, contact Compass Office Solutions. We’ll help you determine what’s best for your goals and get you outfitted with the right components. And Compass has further streamlined office design by performing all stages of the workspace creation process online: from technical design to order entry, everything can be done electronically.

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