Desk, Couch … or Closet? How to Ensure Your Employees Can Work Wherever in the Office

Desk, Couch … or Closet? How to Ensure Your Employees Can Work Wherever in the Office on

Let them roam, and you’ll love the results

If you have a typical office layout for your business, you most likely have one main work area comprised of tables, desks, or cubicles. It’s perhaps the same setup you’ve used for as long as you can remember. Even if the office consists of many other rooms and spaces, almost everyone works in that one location. And while this isn’t necessarily an issue, it can be. Some folks have no problem hunkering down at a desk for eight hours, but for others, you might as well tie an anchor around their necks.

To get the most out of your employees (not to mention make them happier), you can’t put restrictions on where they work. This is why you have to think about your office in its entirety and make sure that wherever somebody wants to set up camp, that it will be conducive to comfort and productivity. You can do this by following these tips:

Encourage movement

Employees may have been assigned designated workstations, but that doesn’t mean they have to use them. Your goal should be to get the best production out of your people, and this means letting them work where they want. Make sure that everyone knows they are free to move around.

Create more options

Even if folks want to stay in that central area – or you don’t have a ton of other space to use – you can still give them more options. In addition to a desk, you can offer them a big table to sit around, a couch, or other pieces of comfortable furniture.

Improve the break room

For many employers, the break room is a place where employees should spend as little time as possible. To them, it represents the opposite of productivity; a spot for eating, socializing, and doing other things that are not contributing to the business. However, this is an antiquated mindset.

Often the best ideas and innovations are devised over lunch or coffee in the break room. This is why it needs to be a place not just designed to grab a bite and get back to the “real” office. You should think about ways to improve the break room, either by bringing in better furniture, replacing the light fixtures, or painting the walls.

Make sure everyone’s connected

Now that people will be scattered around the office, they still have to be able to use all of their tech devices. This means ensuring that they’ll have access to outlets and any other hookups they need, as well as quality Wi-Fi. This could involve having an electrician stop by to make some additions (or renovating using flexible, prefabricated construction solutions), but it’ll be worth it.

Creating a variety of work areas around your office might be a bit of a challenge, but when you notice the difference in your employees, you’ll be glad you made the effort. For more tips and advice about how your office design can improve both productivity and morale, get in touch with Compass Office Solutions. Reach out to our experts via phone at 954.430.4590 or through our online contact form.