The Future Office: What Will It Look Like?

The Future Office: What Will It Look Like? on

Take a peek into the crystal ball of workplace design

With 2017 rapidly approaching, now is the time to think about what’s on the horizon. For businesses, this could mean focusing on budgeting or marketing or other initiatives. However, the physical office shouldn’t be overlooked. To remain competitive and relevant, companies need to constantly evolve, and the workplace is one area where that plays a critical role.

So, what will offices look like in 2017 and beyond? Allsteel offers some great insight:

Better brand alignment

Branding is now an essential component of a successful business, but that doesn’t just mean a snazzy logo or an interesting color scheme. A company’s brand needs to be showcased throughout the organization, and this includes the workplace. The office should consistently represent a business’s culture as well as its core values.

Improved efficiency

Waste in any form can be a killer within a company. When rooms sit empty and unused or spaces aren’t being utilized well, not only does this look bad, resources and real estate are being squandered. Smart businesses will figure out ways to get the most out of the entire office.

Increased flexibility

The days of people sitting at desks or in cubicles all day are quickly coming to an end. Offices are starting to completely open up to allow employees to work wherever they feel comfortable and productive. As a result, the necessary tools, equipment, and power supplies have to be accessed easily no matter where people want to work.

A focus on controlling noise

Distractions in an office can wreak havoc on productivity, and one of the worst is noise. Excessive or disruptive noise can be especially bad in open office layouts, and this is why businesses will boost their efforts to control it. This could involve redesigning the office with acoustics in mind to mitigate sound distractions.

Consistent adaptation

Above all, a business can’t stand on its laurels. Just because something is working now doesn’t mean it will in a year or even a few months. Companies have to be willing to adapt to changes, particularly when they come from within. A willingness to listen to employees and utilize their feedback is the best way to create an office that will make everyone happy and also contribute to the success of the business.

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