How do You Know Your Workers are Being Their Most Productive?

How do You Know Your Workers are Being Their Most Productive? on

These six factors will give you some valuable insight

Pretty much every business struggles with employee productivity at one point or another. This is why companies spend a lot of time – not to mention money – trying to figure out ways to get more out of their workers. But how do they know their efforts are paying off?

It can be easy to point to an uptick in sales and think that productivity is high, or maybe if profits have dipped, that it has declined. And while those numbers can be telling, they’re not the only things you should look at.

To gauge productivity levels within your business, you need to go right to the source: your employees. Asking them about these six areas will allow you to see if your tactics are working and where you can make improvements – even in your office design.

Social cohesion

If your office is filled with cubicles, chances are social cohesion isn’t great. This is why many companies have switched to an open layout. In a more spacious environment, workers can more easily communicate and it’s more likely that they’ll share ideas.

Perceived supervisory support

When employees believe that their bosses are supporting them, this creates many positives.
By offering praise, supervisors create a positive motivational climate and as a result, teams feel more satisfied in their work, which leads to a boost in productivity.

Information sharing

A business won’t be successful unless there is a consistent exchange of information. Each team member has distinct knowledge that they should be encouraged to share. Not only will this strengthen the team, it will lead to improved decision making.

Vision and goal clarity

Everyone within an organization should know about the company’s vision. This sets the tone as well as the direction to follow. In addition, it should be clear to team members what their individual goals are so they can have a specific focus.

External communication

No business operates in a vacuum, which is why paying attention to outside opinions is crucial. And this doesn’t just mean waiting to be contacted; proactively mining the external environment for ideas and solutions is vital.


Trust is hugely important for productivity, especially within a team. Workers have to be confident that they can rely on each other and that no one is doing anything detrimental, like withholding information.

With a focus on these key elements, your employees will be more deeply invested in your company and they’ll want to work harder for you. And once you know what areas to address, you can tailor your office design around them. To learn about the roles furniture and space play when it comes to productivity, contact Compass Office Solutions.