The Design of Virtual Reality

The Design of Virtual Reality on

Building your office before the building

Once upon a time, virtual reality was the stuff of science fiction. Then, it entered the gaming world – and in a few short years, the technology is revolutionizing the way business is done. VR has crossed over in a big way.

In its first incarnation, VR allowed architects, engineers, designers, and clients to sit together, build a world, and then view that world on a laptop or tablet. From DIRRT comes word of a new technology, one that allows these same people to fully interact with the design

A world of DIRTT and ICE

DIRTT, a Canadian-based company, has had a long history of celebrating the coming together of environment, people, and design in all of its interior construction products and projects. To help it achieve the most successful, client-happy results, the firm uses ICE software.

Last summer, it revealed the latest version of the software at the construction industry’s trade show, NeoCon 2016, in Chicago. There, on a stage, ICEreality was put on full display to awe and applause.

What ICE can do

The power of ICE begins with a digital blueprint. From there, ICEreality can be used to provide the invested candidates with a real-time video of the space. This allows everyone to have a better sense of how space will flow, how it will look, and if anything needs to be swapped out or changed prior to the start of construction.

At the same time, the software tabulates each of the pieces and parts to maintain accurate pricing for the overall budget. Changes can be made in 3D and in real-time, while updating any fluctuations in cost.

Interacting with the virtual space

With the addition of VR headsets, individuals are able to interact with their newly designed world. That means they can walk down a hallway, enter meeting spaces, examine open spaces, place workstations, and arrange furniture.

With a team of people wearing VR headsets, the world can be interpreted from different points of view and identify any design issues. Changes and alterations can be made on the spot. Additionally, with the use of a smartphone app, the design can be revisited and experienced from other locations.

There is also the ability to add an overlay of product information for every panel, cabinet, outlet, etc. This not only ensures the correct products appear where they are planned to be, but it also keeps a tally of total pieces and, therefore, total cost to the project stays within budget.

The data is then sent to DIRRT’s factory, where everything is precisely put together for installation.

Compass and DIRTT working together

Compass Office Solutions is proud to work with DIRRT and to offer its products to our clients. Our design professionals are available to help bring your virtual ideas to real life. Contact us at 954.430.4590 or complete our convenient online form.